ROCK OUT with New Resources from the Rock Pack Experiment!

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Scientists and educators at Stroud Water Research Center and Montana State University are working to increase awareness of net-spinning caddisflies through the Rock Pack Experiment, an expansion of the Leaf Pack Network® that investigates the world of these less-well-known ecosystem engineers using artificial rock packs. Fashioned using dry rocks in mesh bags and deployed in a local stream for three to four weeks, rock packs mimic the natural food and habitat fostered by rocks in the stream.

Whether you’re an adult passionate about stream life and citizen science, or a caregiver/educator creatively engaging students in environmental STEM topics, the Rock Pack Experiment builds exciting, real-world connections among stream ecology, engineering, AND geomorphology!

Explore FREE interdisciplinary resources today:

💧 Example Rock Packs Deployed in a Stream: Watch an example video of a rock pack deployed in the East Branch of White Clay Creek at the Stroud Center, available with other videos on the Leaf Pack Network YouTube channel.
💧 Rock Pack Manual: Download the entire PDF or individual chapters to experience a rich background on the net-spinning caddisfly, a break-down of the Rock Pack Experiment, printable data sheets, and NGSS-aligned activities for 7th-12th grade students.
💧 YouTube Playlist: Exploring Ecosystem Engineers with the Rock Pack Experiment: Designed for 7th-12th grade learners and adult audiences, this lecture series provides an in-depth look into caddisfly ecology, ecosystem engineering, fluvial geomorphology, and more.
💧 Net-Spinning Caddisflies on Interact with incredible gigapan images, explore individual species, and discover the defining characteristics of these impressive rockstars.
💧 Webinar: 2020 Leaf Pack Network Updates & New Kit Reveal: Join Leaf Pack Network Administrator and freshwater ecologist, Tara Muenz, for a tour of the new features, plus an introduction on how YOU can get started with the Leaf Pack Network!
💧 And so much more! Rock on!