Mountaintop to Tap

Trek Details

In spring of 2007, six students from New York Harbor School in Brooklyn and six students from Sidney High School, in Delaware County, prepared for their 3-week summer trek tracing New York City’s drinking water supply.

They learned how to become spokespeople for the water-supply system and they brought public attention to the 10th Anniversary of the Memorandum of Agreement, which brought together, for the first time in a long and bitter history, all the stakeholders in the system.

During their preparation, the students met with lawyers, scientists, conservationists, park rangers, and local officials to prepare them for what they encountered on their trek. Throughout the 3-week trek, the students assessed the quality of the water in streams, rivers and reservoirs, talked to public officials and hosted press conferences to share with the public, from the trenches, what they learned.

This trek involved much more than 12 high school students taking a 3-week tour.  These students became the agents for educating the public about the source and protection of this drinking water supply and the vital and little-recognized connections between the city and the upstate communities.

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