Creating Sensors with Open-Source Electronics

The information on this page was provided by S Hicks. For more information about the Stroud Center’s work creating wireless sensor networks, see Wireless Sensor Networks for Watershed Assessment

1. Download the Arduino IDE software: Windows [95MB] | MacOS X [76MB]
     (For detailed instructions on software installation, visit Getting Started With Arduino).

2. Download the additional function libraries.

3. Download the source code examples.

4. Unzip the source code example file and put all of the directories in the following location:
     Windows: MyDocuments/Arduino/
     MacOS X: Documents/Arduino/

5. Manually create a folder in the same Arduino directory above, this one should be called “libraries” (all lowercase letters, no quotes).

6. Unzip the libraries zip file and put all of the directories into the newly created “libraries” folder.

For detailed tutorials about some of the sensors used with Stroud Water Research Center’s Sensor Shield, follow these links:

All of these sensors can be purchased from Adafruit Industries.