Environmental Education

A Watershed Approach to Education

Stroud™ Water Research Center’s education department interprets the research of our scientists. Our programs are multidisciplinary and oriented to a wide audience. We hope that through exposure to our programs and information, people will be motivated to become responsible stewards of freshwater resources.

Our educators have developed extensive resources for educating adults and students grades 4 and up about watersheds and their importance. On-site and off-site school and scout programs, professional development workshops, and community and family programs are just some of the available options.

Program Feedback

General e-news is sent approximately quarterly; virtual learning e-news is currently being sent twice a month.

Upcoming Education Events

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Program Scholarships Are Available!

There are several funding sources that allow the Stroud Center to offer programs at no or reduced cost for your school or youth group. Our funding from the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program and other grants to subsidize education programs varies each year. Request a program for your class today! Thanks to a generous gift, all programs for Boy Scouts are now free.


WikiWatershed® is a web toolkit to support citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, researchers, educators, and students to collaboratively advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water. WikiWatershed is an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center.

Model My Watershed

Model storms and compare conservation or development scenarios.


Photo of two men building an environmental monitoring sensor

Join a community for do-it-yourself environmental monitoring.

Monitor My Watershed

Screenshot of Monitor My Watershed Browse Sites page

Share your water-quality data and explore data from other sources.

Leaf Pack Network

Learn about your stream’s health by performing a leaf pack experiment.

Runoff Simulation

Explore how land use and soil determine stormwater runoff.

Water Quality Mobile App

Enhance stream study and monitoring activities with a mobile app.

Education News

Tree-rific Virtual Learning Resources on Streamside Forests
Tree-rific Virtual Learning Resources on Streamside Forests
Every tree we plant plays a vital role by providing a natural buffer zone between our land use and the ... Read More
How Can You Plant Seeds of Change? Watch the “Stories from the Streams” Video!
How Can You Plant Seeds of Change? Watch the “Stories from the Streams” Video!
Episode 1 in a video series from WHYY TV12 demonstrates how planting trees along a stream can filter out pollutants ... Read More
STEM Career Spotlight: Electrofishing to Determine Stream Health
STEM Career Spotlight: Electrofishing to Determine Stream Health
Have you ever wondered what swims by your feet in your local creek? Learn how we use electrofishing to survey ... Read More
Photo of trout fingerlings in a tank.
How Do Trout Grow on Trees?
While they more literally grow from eggs into alevins, fingerlings, and adults, trout “grow” on trees because their health and ... Read More
American mink standing on rocks
Diversity Makes Us Stronger — Both in Our Communities and Our Watersheds
Watch an American mink shake off creek water and explore its surroundings on the East Branch of White Clay Creek ... Read More
River with riparian forest
Growing Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Environmental Education Programs
We pledge to foster programs that engage and empower all audiences who have been historically excluded from and unsafe in ... Read More

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Stroud Water Research Center’s education department is here to support students and families during ongoing COVID-19 mitigation.

Our team is committed to ensuring you #LearnAtHome — at your own pace, in your own homes, to meet your own unique needs.

We are curating hands-on, minds-on virtual learning resources, including NEW virtual activities and workshops, to engage students, teachers, and everyday community members alike. New resources will be posted weekly!

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