Environmental Education

A Watershed Approach to Education

Stroud™ Water Research Center’s education department interprets the research of our scientists. Our programs are multidisciplinary and oriented to a wide audience. We hope that through exposure to our programs and information, people will be motivated to become responsible stewards of freshwater resources.

Our educators have developed extensive resources for educating adults and students grades 4 and up about watersheds and their importance. On-site and off-site school and scout programs, professional development workshops, and community and family programs are just some of the available options.

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Featured Events

Photo of workshop participants holding their rock packs
Rock Pack Workshop
The Rock Pack Experiment is a fun, hands-on research tool for all students and citizens of all ages, demonstrating the interconnectedness between our actions on land and life in streams ... Read More
Woman sorting macroinvertebrates at a stream ecology workshop
Putting the “S” in STEM – Bioassessments and Water Chemistry to Determine Stream Health
Presented in Partnership with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Are you looking for new resources to engage 21st century learners? This workshop is for ... Read More
Photo of people kayaking on the Pocomoke River
Teacher Canoe Trip on Octoraro Reservoir
Presented in Partnership with Sultana Education Foundation and Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
Experience the splendor of a relatively unknown jewel while canoeing the 620-acre Octoraro reservoir ... Read More


Program Scholarships Are Available!

There are several funding sources that allow the Stroud Center to offer programs at no or reduced cost for your school or youth group. Our funding from the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program and other grants to subsidize education programs varies each year. Schedule a program for your class today! Thanks to a generous gift, all programs for Boy Scouts are now free.


WikiWatershed® is a web toolkit to support citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, researchers, educators, and students to collaboratively advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water. WikiWatershed is an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center.

Model My Watershed

Model storms and compare conservation or development scenarios.

Leaf Pack Network

Learn about your stream’s health by performing a simple leaf pack experiment.

Runoff Simulation

Explore how land use and soil determine stormwater runoff.

Water Quality Mobile App

Enhance stream study and monitoring activities with a mobile app.


Join a community for do-it-yourself environmental monitoring.

Trout Grow on Trees

Learn how healthy forests lead to healthy trout populations.

Education News

Teachers at the Dive Deeper Summit
Teacher Stipends to Attend Dive Deeper Water Educators Summit
Apply by July 22! 17 Pennsylvania K-12 teachers will receive a $300 stipend to attend the 2018 summit ... Read More
Axalta All-Pro Teachers logo with Philadelphia Eagles logo
Axalta, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Stroud Water Research Center Celebrate All-Pro Teachers with a Day of STEM in the Stream
Teachers experienced STEM education in a real-world setting giving them the tools to cultivate the next generation of freshwater stewards ... Read More
Students working on designing a 3-D macroinvertebrate model
Life Lessons in Three Dimensions: Students, Stroud Center, Retired Teacher Collaborate
By creating these teaching tools for other students to learn about freshwater ecosystems, the students developed their own curiosity about ... Read More
Video still of Milton Hershey School students deploying a water-quality-monitoring sensor.
Computer Science Students Get Their Boots Wet
As part of the Milton Hershey School’s Agriculture and Environmental Education pathway, the students are taking the computer science skills ... Read More
Fourth graders taking tree measurements
Learning Leading to Action: Young Heroes Protecting Our Waterways
Students are not only learning how to protect our waterways; they are also conducting their own scientific research or restoring ... Read More
Model My Watershed Featured in STEM for All Video Showcase
Model My Watershed Featured in STEM for All Video Showcase
The video presentation highlights the Teaching Environmental Sustainability - Model My Watershed project to promote watershed stewardship, geospatial literacy, and ... Read More

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