Program Fees

Student and Youth Program Fees

Program scholarships are available! There are several funding sources that allow us to offer programs at reduced or no cost for your school or youth group but this funding varies from year to year. Most school and youth groups only pay $5 per youth participant with the remainder of our operating expenses subsidized by the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program and other grants.

Programs at Stroud Water Research Center

See available student and youth programs.

  • 10–20 students (one pod): $335
  • 21–40 students (two pods): $528
  • 41–60 students (three pods: $875

NOTE: We will gladly work with any school or group unable to afford the program’s operating costs so they can participate.

Programs at Your School or Field Site

Please contact us for an estimate, as pricing varies.

Scout and Other Youth Group Programs

Programs require a minimum of 15 youth participants unless stated otherwise. The fees below are subsidized by other funding.

  • Half-day programs: $17 per youth participant
  • Full-day programs: $25 per youth participant
  • Overnight programs: $45 per youth participant, $10 per adult
  • Canoe programs: $610 per program with a minimum of 12 total participants
  • Scouts BSA merit badge programs: $40 per youth participant

Other Program Fees

Canoe-Based Programs

On-the-water canoe programs to investigate and explore local waterways and reservoirs have an additional $100 fee to help us replace equipment as needed and cover other yearly costs such as registration for the boats and trailer. Our rig has eight canoes which can accommodate up to 24 participants at a time. We can work with larger groups by splitting the group in half for onshore and canoe activity rotations.

Educator Workshops

Stroud Center educators will tailor a professional development workshop to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Programs for Community and Conservation Groups

Stroud Center educators will tailor a workshop to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Tours of the Stroud Center

One-hour tour for up to 20 people: $100


Stroud Center educators will tailor a presentation to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Program Registration and Payment

Questions? Please contact us so we can help.