Nature’s Engineers: Beavers Provide Benefits to Streams
Nature’s Engineers: Beavers Provide Benefits to Streams
“Before European colonization, beavers would have been ubiquitous across the northern United States Great Lakes region,” explains Melinda Daniels, Associate Research ... Read More
Planting a streamside forest on a farm.
Healthy Streams for Healthy Herds
When farmers improve the health of streams on their land, it also improves the health of their herds ... Read More
Psephenidae (water penny beetles)
Citizen Scientists Track Tiny Critters to Determine Health of the Watershed
Turns out eight-year-olds aren’t the only ones who love great piles of leaves. So do macroinvertebrates, the critters that indicate ... Read More
Didymosphenia germinata aka rock snot
Rock Snot: ItsNot a Joke
Turns out, noses aren’t the only things that get snotty: Phlegm-like algae grosses out stream beds, too ... Read More
Salt truck applying road salt on city streets.
Salty Roads, Salty Rivers
Salt helps keep winter roads safe. But when snow melts, the salt runs off pavement and can end up in ... Read More
Dogwood trees blooming along the banks of White Clay Creek.
Trees Can Be a Stream’s Best Friend
Tree-lined streams aren’t just pretty — healthy trees also make for healthier streams. How’s that, you ask? ... Read More