Rally for Fresh Water Recap in County Lines Magazine

860 573 Stroud Water Research Center

Thanks to our friends at County Lines Magazine for the great recap of our first Rally for Fresh Water! Keep tuned to our events page to find out the dates and more details about our 2018 Rally for Fresh Water.

You’ll have to wait until next June for the 2nd Stroud Water Road Rally and to see if it follows the same plan as its premier: an 80-mile course through the countryside of Chester County, ending on the grounds of Runneymede Sanctuary. There was an environmental theme, with, of course, a big emphasis on water and watershed facts.

Eric Degenfelder, of Axalta, one of this past year’s sponsors, drove a 2012 Jaguar XF, for which he was careful to “make sure that the paint … was shining brilliantly and ready to show off.” Commenting on the other cars, he observed “the rally included some spectacular vehicles” including several Porsches and a Morgan.