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Stroud Center Educators Visit the Lamotte Company

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Our educators visited the Lamotte Company recently to discuss our product line and our partnership. Lamotte sells a few of our education products including the Leaf Pack Experiment Stream Ecology Kit.

Berries and Nuts: A Different Approach to Riparian Buffers

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Planting trees and shrubs on streamside crop land improves water quality. What if you could plant a buffer that would protect a stream and yield a crop?

Nature’s Engineers: Beavers Provide Benefits to Streams

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“Before European colonization, beavers would have been ubiquitous across the northern United States Great Lakes region,” explains Melinda Daniels, Associate Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the Fluvial Geomorphology Group.

Educators Go “Virtual” After Hurricane Cancels Conference

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Hurricane Maria forced the North American Association of Environmental Education to cancel its annual conference. After reaching out to support their Puerto Rican partners, they then organized a “virtual conference” to share highlights of what had been planned.

DNB First Renews Its EITC Support

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DNB First’s support will allow the Stroud Center to make its school programs, field trips, and professional development workshops available at no or reduced cost to public school districts whose budgets might not otherwise be able to offer the innovative educational programs in support of their regular curricula.

Meridian Bank Contributes Funds for Educational Programs

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Stroud Water Research Center gratefully acknowledges Meridian Bank’s recent gift through the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) program. The EITC program enables the Stroud Center to provide innovative programs at no or reduced cost to Pennsylvania public school districts.

Our Pursuit of Clean Fresh Water Never Stops

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“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep Stroud Center researchers from the swift completion of their appointed stream sampling.”

Start Your Holiday Shopping With a Smile!

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Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile this holiday season! It offers the same great selection as Amazon with a portion of each purchase to benefit the Stroud Center.

231 Combined Years of Teaching Experience!

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Our educators have developed extensive resources for educating adults and students about watersheds and their importance. Register for spring programs now!

Meet the Farmers: Bud and Marilyn Miller

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Bud and Marilyn Miller see their newly planted streamside forest as a valuable investment for future generations.