Stroud, PECO, and Kennett Schools bring STEM to Students

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Thanks to the support of PECO, Stroud Water Research Center was able to share science and STEM education to students participating in Kennett Consolidated School District’s After-The-Bell program. After-The-Bell is an after-school program that provides middle school students throughout KCSD with safe, structured, meaningful, and fun activities that promote learning and growth at no cost to the parents.

Throughout the six sessions, the students were introduced to freshwater science and experienced some of the methods Stroud Center scientists use to study streams and rivers around the world. Hands-on immersion in science fosters critical thinking, and hopefully, the next generation of freshwater scientists.

Students exploring stream chemistry data with Stroud Center Watershed Education Specialist David Kline.

One lesson focused on electrofishing to survey for fish. Electrofishing is an effective way to sample an entire section of a stream. It puts a weak electric current into the water which temporarily stuns the fish. Students helped to net, identify, and measure the fish before releasing them safely back into the stream.

Students donned boots to collect macroinvertebrates from White Clay Creek, and then took them back to the classroom to identify them. Like Stroud Center scientists, they learned how these insects tell a story about stream health. A water-resistant take-home field notebook was given to all participants as a way to continue exploration of their surroundings.

This partnership gave some students who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity the chance to explore streams, collect bugs, and learn about their watersheds. PECO’s contribution helped the Stroud Center to share their science and award-winning education programming with more students throughout our region.

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