Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB): River Ecosystem Responses to Floodplain Restoration

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After 25 years of litigation, a massive ecological restoration is under way in the Upper Clark Fork River, Mont. Metal-laden floodplain soils are being removed, floodplains are being reconnected with river floods, and over 70 kilometers of floodplains are being restored. This project uses long-term monitoring data to discover how river ecosystem structure and function respond to changing nutrient concentrations and large-scale floodplain restoration. By testing fundamental theories and frameworks of ecology, these discoveries will guide future river restorations.

Funded by: National Science Foundation

Principal Investigator: Marc Peipoch

Collaborators: Maurice Valett and Michael DeGrandpre (University of Montana); Rob Payn and Juliana D’Andrilli (Montana State University)

Project Year: 2018, 2019, 2020

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