Use of 14C label to study fine particulate organic matter dynamics in flowing water

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Newbold, J.D., C.E. Cushing, and G.W. Minshall. 1991. Pages 493–501 in R.A. Baker (editor). Organic substances and sediments in water, volume 2. Processes and analytical. Lewis Publishers, Chelsea, Michigan.

ISBN: 978-0873715287

Book Description

The fate and transport of natural and anthropogenic sediment-borne organic contaminants is a critical environmental issue and complex processes are involved that until now have been poorly defined. Organic Substances and Sediments in Water is a three-volume book that provides the best information available regarding the many interdisciplinary factors affecting organic substances associated with particulates in water. Topics discussed include absorption and transport of contaminants associated with particles; interfacial processes affecting fate and transport of organic substances associated with particles; the release of contaminants in receiving water bodies; water treatment; the role of biological factors in the fate and transport of organic contaminants in aqueous systems; development of biotransformation in natural and anthropogenic systems; the use of organic contaminant and sediment chemicals; biological and physical data to refine models to be used by resource managers; and chemical and biological processes that affect the fate and transport of organic constituents and determine degradation of contaminants and uptake in plants. This will be an important reference for environmental chemists, environmental engineers, environmental biologists, water treatment and natural system modelers, and soils scientists.