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Streamside Forest Resources

Where Rivers are Born

The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams and Wetlands

A summary of the scientific basis for understanding that the health and productivity of rivers and lakes depends upon intact small streams and wetlands. Co-authored by 11 leading scientists, including two from Stroud™ Water Research Center.

In Support of Streamside Forests

Understanding the Challenges and Becoming Part of the Solution

Every tree we plant plays a vital role by providing a natural buffer zone between our land use and the stream it protects. Every tree provides lasting benefits of shade, beauty, and the natural habitat essential to fish, birds, and other wildlife.

Other Articles and Resources

  • Getting to the Root of a Problem. Op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Dr. James G. Blaine, former education director at the Stroud Center, about the value of trees to clean fresh water.
  • Volunteers Work to Restore Forests. Guest column in the Daily Local News by Dr. James G. Blaine, former education director at the Stroud Center, chronicling how volunteers planted 6,000 trees along tributaries of Brandywine Creek.
  • Conserving Forests to Protect Water. Journal article discussing the results from a 2002 survey of water suppliers which found that water treatment costs for utilities using primarily surface water supplies varied depending on amount of forest cover in the watershed.