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Special Gifts

Stroud Water Research Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration. Funding is needed to strengthen the Stroud Center’s ongoing needs to further our outreach through community empowerment programs regionally and around the world. We are focused on major aspects of the Stroud Center. Naming opportunities are available for leadership gifts.

Scientific Research Fund

Goal $8M


Our mission began with the freshwater ecosystem in the White Clay Creek which runs through the Stroud Center campus. Today, our efforts are global. Current studies include the ecosystems of the Flint River in Georgia, the Pennsylvania tributaries to the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers, critical points within the Mississippi River system, the tropical freshwater ecosystems near our field station in Costa Rica, and streams and rivers in Peru and Bhutan, to name a few. A donation to scientific research enables our team of renowned scientists to further their work and recommend ways to deliver clean fresh water around the world and for generations to come.

Environmental Education Fund

Goal $2M


From fellow scientists to the youngest curious minds in our regional schools, help the Stroud Center share its research and empower people and communities to be effective stewards of our waterways. A donation to environmental education will enable us reach the more than 8,000 students and individuals each year and enable us to utilize technology to enhance and expand education beyond the classroom.

Watershed Restoration Fund

Goal $4M


The Stroud Center works hand in hand with landowners, helping them use their land more effectively through whole-farm planning and watershed stewardship. In return for our free program services, landowners are asked to install forested buffers on streams on their property and allow us ongoing access to the site to gather the scientific data from these efforts. A donation to watershed restoration enables our expert team to set up the collaborations and partnerships necessary to achieve the highest model of freshwater conservation.

Bernard W. Sweeney, Ph.D., Executive Director’s Fund

Goal $5M


Provide seed funding to ensure the new director is able to strategically utilize funds for critical center-wide initiatives. Supporting this fund will honor the legacy of Bern Sweeney’s 40+ year history of dedication to science, education, and restoration for decades to come.

Unrestricted Projects Fund

Goal $1M


Managed by our executive leadership team, a pledge to the unrestricted projects fund provides vital resources for any of the above and other programs as they are needed for our sustainability and allows us to grow our efforts to ensure the availability of clean fresh water for generations to come.

Please contact David Reinfeld, Director of Campaign Programs and Major Gifts, to inquire about project needs such as capital renovations, underwriting programs, or operational support within each area. EIN: 52-2081073

Thank you!