Ensuring Programmatic and Research Stability During Uncertain Times

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“The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land.”
— Luna Leopold.

Carrying on his father Aldo’s philosophy of environmental conservation, Dr. Leopold’s words inspire Stroud Water Research Center through today’s challenges. While these uncertain times have impacted our operations and finances, they have also affirmed our commitment to programs that serve the underrepresented and to the research on water pollution in these communities.

That is why Stroud Water Research Center created the Future of Fresh Water Initiative — to prepare for situations such as the one we are now facing.

This initiative is more than just a capacity-building platform; it is to establish programmatic and research sustainability as a vital organization that proactively impacts our natural and human resources.

The Stroud Center is more than an environmental organization — it is an essential human-service nonprofit organization. Limited access to clean fresh water will result in consumption deficits for humans, animals, agriculture, health care, medicine, and so much more.

We all must recognize this and reconnect with the power of water.

Please help us reach our goal for the Future of Fresh Water Initiative’s research, education, and watershed restoration funds.