Why I Give to the Future of Fresh Water Initiative: Penny Wilson

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Penny Wilson

“There is a true need for environmental stewardship these days. I’m happy to support Stroud Water Research Center as it actively pursues and implements programs that will benefit the neighbors of its projects as well as the environment.

“Thanks to the Future of Fresh Water Initiative, the public is being educated, awareness is being heightened, and streams are being restored.

“Because stream restoration is not just about the stream itself, it is imperative that we educate communities about the beneficial effects of tree planting and better farming practices, in order to achieve a healthy freshwater ecosystem for the health and lives of our citizens.”

— Penny Wilson, friend and supporter of the Stroud Center’s Future of Fresh Water Initiative.

Please help us reach our goal for the Future of Fresh Water Initiative’s research, education, and watershed restoration funds. Click the button below or contact Director of Development Nicole Wickenhauser.

Give the Gift of Fresh Water

As you give thanks for the gifts in your life, we invite you to give the gift of water. Clean drinking water, good health, happy trout, productive soil, clean air, the simple joys of swimming, boating, fishing — our healthy freshwater ecosystems make these and so many other things possible.

Your donation today will help preserve and protect
the future of fresh water.