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The Water’s Edge

Each year Stroud Water Research Center hosts The Water’s Edge gala in celebration of our most precious resource — water. This special evening allows us to bring together our friends and neighbors whose support is critical to our endeavors. Proceeds from the evening support our freshwater research, restoration, and education programs.

Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence

Presented at The Water’s Edge gala each year since 2011, the Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence, also known as the SAFE Water Award, is a prestigious award for outstanding achievement in freshwater-related activities. The award honors individuals, institutions, or organizations whose work contributes broadly to:

  •  Conserving and protecting freshwater resources and ecosystems,
  • Improving the quantity and quality of fresh water on the planet, or
  • Developing policies and practices which help perpetuate clean fresh water for future generations of humans and wildlife.

Honorees represent regions and watersheds from around the world and a broad range of freshwater-related activities, professions, and scientific disciplines.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the event page.

Award Recipients and Speakers