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A group of students installs a tree shelter in the streamside buffer at their school.

Volunteer-Led Tree Planting Engages Students in Stewardship

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How one community’s action project is teaching students about water, trees, and wildlife and how to care for them.

Eight watershed stewards stand behind a large pile of garbage they have removed from a stream.

Starting a Watershed Organization

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Learn how the Little Lehigh Watershed Stewards started a watershed organization in their rapidly developing community and you can too.

Carol Armstrong plants a tree in a streamside forest.

Volunteering With Scientists Changed How I Advocate for Clean Streams

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Carol Armstrong shares how knowledge she gained from collecting high-quality data in streams empowered her as a clean-water advocate in her community.

Rocky Run meanders through a forest near Wilmington, Delaware.

To Reduce Flooding and Water Pollution, Add Green Space

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Every park, every garden, every green space, no matter how small, gives rainwater the time and space to slow down and spread out.

Three people identifying live aquatic macroinvertebrates.

Earning a “Master’s” in Watershed Stewardship

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How Penn State Extension launched one of the most successful volunteer training programs in the U.S. and revived struggling local watershed groups.

Three people next to a replica of the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Looking Back at Earth and Its Fresh Water From Space

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All-star community science volunteers visit Goddard Space Flight Center and learn what NASA satellite data reveals about threats to streams.

Lawrenceville School Partnership for Student Water Quality Monitoring of Shipetaukin Creek

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Educators are partnering with The Lawrenceville School to create and implement opportunities for students to study water quality impacts on the school campus using EnviroDIY™ Monitoring Stations. Funded by: Fair…

Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.

We, the Community Scientists

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People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.

Rachel Johnson standing between two EnviroDIY Monitoring Stations.

A Dream Come True: Rachel Johnson Takes on New Role at the Stroud Center

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She found a purpose making water data accessible. Now she’s pursuing graduate research in the watershed where she empowered community scientists.

Rachel Johnson installs a sensor bundle in a streambed.

EnviroDIY in the Delaware River Basin

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Watch this video to learn about the progress made through the Stroud Center’s community science project.