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Delivering the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Regional Conservation Partnership Program in Lancaster County, Pa.

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This project provides outreach and technical assistance to farmers to ensure full implementation of funds provided by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program for constructing ag best management practices.

Whole-Farm Conservation Including Forested Buffers

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This project expands the Farm Stewardship Program in Lancaster and Franklin Counties — the top two dairy counties in Pennsylvania. To address water-quality issues, whole-farm conservation with forested buffers is implemented. Farmers who install forested buffers receive incentives that can only be used to pay for other needed best management practices on the farm.

Comprehensive Agricultural Stewardship in Lancaster County

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Stroud Center’s Farm Stewardship Program provides technical and financial assistance to farmers and landowners to implement best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality and improve stream health.

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Circuit Rider for Technical Assistance to Grantees

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This project provides technical assistance to grantees of the William Penn Foundation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop and implement watershed restoration efforts and grants to monitor the impact of projects implemented in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative clusters.

Sharing Our Science: Winter-Spring 2016

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For the long-tailed dance fly, every night is ladies’ night, Dave Funk explained in a lecture a University of Delaware insect ecology class.

Ehrhart Re-Elected as Penn State Agricultural Council President

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Matt Ehrhart took on a new and substantial responsibility last year when his peers elected him president of the Penn State Agricultural Council.

Spotlight on Stephanie Eisenbise

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Eisenbise joined the watershed restoration team in February. Photo: Kay Dixon With interests ranging from agriculture to white water kayaking to planting trees along streams, Stephanie Eisenbise, Stroud Center’s new…

Restoration News, Fall 2014

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In between the flurry of watershed restoration planning and field work that the Stroud Restoration Team carries out, it organized several riparian forest buffer workshops through the region this fall.

Outreach For Healthy Streams

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Here, in brief, is our approach to watershed restoration outreach to distant watersheds and new communities.

Teaming Up to Enhance Chester County Agriculture, Water Quality

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Stroud Water Research Center and the Chester County Conservation District will develop conservation and restoration plans for area farms.