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Mayfly Eggs Hatching a Minute After Being Laid
719 403 Stroud Water Research Center

This ovoviviparous mayfly holds her eggs internally until embryonic development is complete after which she lays them in water and they hatch immediately.

Water Science Careers: Entomology Researcher
1000 563 Stroud Water Research Center

John Jackson, Ph.D., talks about his work as principal investigator in the Entomology Group at Stroud Water Research Center.

Water Science Careers: Aquatic Entomology
1024 576 Stroud Water Research Center

Kelly McIntyre describes her work as an aquatic entomology research technician at Stroud™ Water Research Center.

Monitoring the Health of the Susquehanna
900 506 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud™ Water Research Center’s annual sampling of the Susquehanna River near Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, was chronicled in an article in an area newspaper. Stroud Center studies have shown that the health…

Physiological responses to short-term thermal stress in mayfly (Neocloeon triangulifer) larvae in relation to upper thermal limits
150 150 Stroud Water Research Center

Kim, K. S., H. Chou, D. H. Funk, J. K. Jackson, B. W. Sweeney, and D. B. Buchwalter. 2017. Journal of Experimental Biology 220:2598–2605.

Mystery Midge with “Kite String” Eggs
300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Center entomologist David Funk documented the unusual behavior of an orthoclad midge species at Lake Umbagog on the Maine/New Hampshire border: Adult females fly over the lake and extrude long strings of eggs which they eventually drop into the water.

Colonization and diversification of aquatic insects on three Macronesian archipelagos using 59 nuclear loci derived from a draft genome
150 150 Stroud Water Research Center

Rutschmann, S., H. Detering, S. Simon, D. H. Funk, J-L. Gattolliat, S. J. Hughes, P. M. Raposeiro, R. DeSalle, M. Sartori, M. T. Monaghan. 2017. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 107:27–38.

Could Rising Temps Be Killing Mayflies, Threatening Streams? Scientists Investigate.
728 500 Stroud Water Research Center

When mayfly populations decline, it’s a warning that something has gone wrong. But what? Stroud Center scientists and their colleagues are investigating.

White Clay Creek Stream Watch Project
300 203 Stroud Water Research Center

The project evaluated water quality in White Clay Creek and its tributaries and encouraged efforts to assess, improve, and protect water quality in the watershed.

The Peru Project
300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

A scientific research and environmental education project in the headwaters of the Amazon in Peru funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.