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Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: Trajectory for the Recovery of Stream Ecosystem Structure and Function During Reforestation

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Stream restoration in the United States is a multibillion-dollar industry, yet long-term monitoring of its effectiveness is virtually nonexistent. To fill this gap, the Stroud Center restored a portion of…

Land Protection Impact Assessment in Support of Delaware River Watershed Initiative

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This project evaluates the hypothesis that protection and/or maintenance of natural land maintains ecological stream quality by limiting, preventing, or redirecting changes to land cover and use away from headwaters,…

Evaluating the Effects of Watershed-Scale Agricultural Best Management Practices on Water Quality

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In early 2020, stream bank fencing, forested buffers, and barnyard improvements were installed on Amish farms in Lancaster County, Pa. The farms are nested in a small watershed drained by…

Evaluating How Conventional, Conservation, and Organic Farming Management Practices Enhance Soil Health and Improve Water Quality

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This project investigates how different agricultural management practices influence water quality and soil health. Using Rodale Institute’s 37-year-old Farming Systems Trial and a recent transition to organic farming at the…

Ecotoxicity Study for Mayflies Exposed to Elevated Concentrations of Chloride at Different Temperatures

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Chloride concentrations in surface waters have been increasing over the last several decades at multiple locations throughout the United States. At times, it appears that ambient chloride concentrations now reach…

DRWI Phase II+ Monitoring, Evaluation, Scientific Support, and Capacity Building for Watershed Protection and Restoration Projects

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This project, part of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative, provides technical background and assistance to grantees of the William Penn Foundation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop,…

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

Brandywine Stream Stewards: Community Action in Support of Healthy Waters

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The Stream Stewards Program engages adults and youth from Wilmington, Del., to monitor water resources in the 1,100 acres of open space in the First State National Historical Park. This…

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

Assessment of Environmental Conditions in Bennett’s Run at Kendal-Crosslands Based on Physical, Chemical, Macroinvertebrate, and Fish Monitoring

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Bennett’s Run is a small tributary to Brandywine Creek in southern Chester County, Pa., where a watershed conservation plan is being developed. To inform this plan, this study is measuring…

The 2023 interns pose in front of a Stroud Center backdrop.

Meet Our 2023 Interns

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Our interns assist with research and other mission-focused work and gain valuable professional experience and networking opportunities.

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Atlantic Coast rivers of the northeastern United States

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