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Cloeon dipterum, female imago (adult).

Oxygen Not Behind Threat To Mayflies When Temps Rise

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When stream temperatures rise, often as a result of climate change or thermal pollution or a lack of tree shade, mayflies display poorer growth.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Transcriptomic and life history responses of the mayfly Neocloeon triangulifer to chronic diel thermal challenge

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Hsuan C., D.D. Jima, D.H. Funk, J.K. Jackson, B.W. Sweeney, and D.B. Buchwalter. 2020. Nature Scientific Reports 10:19119.

Aerial photographs of a recovering forest along White Clay Creek in Pennsylvania.

Patience is the Mother of Science: Long-Term Responses of a Stream to Reforestation

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We’re studying how White Clay Creek can recover from deforestation and agricultural expansion and to what extent restoration practices can acclerate that recovery.

Video still from the Hidden World of Stream Insects webinar.

The Hidden World of Stream Insects

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Entomologist David Funk presents an hour-long dive into the natural histories of some of the most fascinating stream insects he has photographed.

Diana Oviedo Vargas and Melinda Daniels in a Costa Rican forest.

Stream Reach: Building Communities from White Clay Creek to the Yangtze Basin

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To truly make a difference requires, not only understanding freshwater systems, but working with all kinds of communities to protect them.

47 Years and Counting: Crew Completes Susquehanna River Sampling

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Stroud Center entomologists have been sampling macroinvertebrates in the Susquehanna River near Procter & Gamble’s Mehoopany plant since 1974.

Where Are They Now: Jeff Fralick

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It was through a Stroud Center internship that Fralick discovered his passion for navigating the relationship between environmental science and policy. webinar video A Virtual Resource for Teaching and Learning ID!

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This webinar demonstrates site features and how this open educational resource can support macroinvertebrate identification training with volunteers and students.

Watch Mayfly Nymphs Hatch Instantly

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This video by Stroud Center Entomologist David Funk captured the moment an ovoviviparous mayfly laid a brood of eggs that hatched immediately into hundreds of nymphs.