47 Years and Counting: Crew Completes Susquehanna River Sampling

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center
(Left to right) Stroud Center entomologists Mike Broomall, Adam Gochnauer, and Courtland Hess collecting macroinvertebrate samples from the Susquehanna River. Photo courtesy Wyoming County Press Examiner.

Stroud Water Research Center entomologists have been sampling macroinvertebrates to assess the health of the Susquehanna River near Procter & Gamble’s Mehoopany plant since 1974. This year’s survey, covered by the Wyoming County Press Examiner, presented unique challenges.

The entomology crew adhered to coronavirus prevention protocols, like wearing face masks and social distancing, including restricting staff members to one person per vehicle for the three-hour drive from the Stroud Center to Mehoopany.

Pandemic protocols aside, Stroud Center studies have shown that the health of the river has improved considerably over the past 47 years.

“Typically at a site, we get 80 to 110 species,” [Mike] Broomall explained. “You want to find the indicator species of a healthy stream, caddisflies, mayflies and stoneflies. Those are all certainly here in the Susquehanna.”

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