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Stroud Center Speaks on Water Scarcity at SFS Annual Meeting

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Held in drought-stricken southern California, the focus was on the consequences of depleting freshwater resources and potential solutions.

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Circuit Rider for Technical Assistance to Grantees

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This project provides technical assistance to grantees of the William Penn Foundation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop and implement watershed restoration efforts and grants to monitor the impact of projects implemented in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative clusters.

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Detecting signatures of competition from observational data: a combined approach using DNA barcoding, diversity partitioning and checkerboards at small spatial scales

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Bringloe, T., S. J. Adamowicz, V. F. I. Harvey, J. K. Jackson, K. Cottenie. 2016. Freshwater Biology 61:646–657.

Ecotoxicity Study for Mayflies Exposed to Elevated Concentrations of Chloride

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Chloride concentrations in surface waters have been increasing over the last several decades at multiple locations throughout the United States. At times, it appears that ambient chloride concentrations now reach…

American Chestnut Foundation Leaf Feeding Study

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In an effort to restore chestnut trees to watersheds, blight-resistant varieties of American Chestnut have been developed over the last several years. This study uses the growth and survivorship of…

2015 Stroud Center Publications

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Stroud Center scientists have authored or co-authored more than two dozen scientific papers this year, exhibiting the range of our science from Yellowstone Lake to Costa Rica and from earthworm…

New Entomology Group Member Finds Bugs and Fungi Fascinating

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While watching Stroud Center’s employment page closely, Matt Wilson was delighted to see an opening in the Entomology Group. He applied within the first two hours and was elated to…

Stroud Center Connects International Leaders with Freshwater Solutions

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Stroud Water Research Center rolled out the red carpet for water systems experts from 23 countries who gathered to learn how to best protect their home countries’ water resources.

Salty Roads, Salty Rivers

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Salt helps keep winter roads safe. But when snow melts, the salt runs off pavement and can end up in waterways.

Freshwater Sources Less “Fresh” from Greater Salt Use, Scientists Say

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Fresh groundwater, where some drinking water comes from, recharges streams. Scientists are concerned about early signs that groundwater sources are getting saltier.