Sampling aquatic insects – collection devices, statistical considerations, and rearing procedures

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Jackson, J.K., D.P. Batzer, V.H. Resh, R.W. Merritt, K.W. Cummins. 2019. Pages 17–42 in: Merritt, R.W., K.W. Cummins, and M.B. Berg (eds.), An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America. 5th Ed., Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque, Iowa.

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“An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America” serves as a standard guide on the immature and adult stages of aquatic and semiaquatic insects of North America. It offers information on the distribution, tolerance values, trophic relationships, and functional adaptations of aquatic insects that allows an additional tool for categorizing them.

This text is intended to serve as a standard reference on the taxonomy, biology and ecology of aquatic insects with updated keys to separate life stages of all major taxonomic groupings. To this aim, the authors have provided additional excellent color photographs of most all families of immature aquatic insects to assist the student and professional with correct identifications.