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Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: White Clay Creek, Pennsylvania

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A study of a third order drainage basin in Pennsylvania, examining stream and watershed characteristics associated with riparian zone restoration and reforestation.

A tree growing on the banks of White Clay Creek above the remains of a stone dam.

Critical Zone Observatory

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A study of how soil erosion and sediment transport through rivers impacts the exchange of carbon between the land and the atmosphere and affects climate.

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Dissolved organic matter in stream ecosystems: forms, functions, and fluxes of watershed tea

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Kaplan, L.A., and R. Cory. 2016. Pages 241–320 in J.B. Jones and E.H. Stanley (editors). Stream Ecosystems in a Changing Environment. Academic Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kristen Jellison sampling White Clay Creek.

Former Intern Embarks on Collaborative Research to Make Drinking Water Safer

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While an intern at the Stroud Center, Kristen Jellison, Ph.D., got her first taste of investigative scientific research, and she was immediately hooked.

Metaecosystems and the Upstream Legacy: Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter on the Structure and Function of Streambed Bacterial Communities

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Investigators explore how the quality of organic molecules changes with distance downstream and how those changes influence the composition of the communities of streambed microbes using that food resource. The…

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

2015 Stroud Center Publications

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Stroud Center scientists have authored or co-authored more than two dozen scientific papers this year, exhibiting the range of our science from Yellowstone Lake to Costa Rica and from earthworm…

Louis Kaplan working with streamwater bioreactors.

Stroud Center Scientist Takes “Rotator” Post at National Science Foundation

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Louis A. Kaplan, Ph.D., accepted a one-year appointment as a visiting scientist at the federal agency that funds innovative scientific research.

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Consumption of terrestrial dissolved organic carbon by stream microorganisms

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Wiegner, T.N., L.A. Kaplan, S.E. Ziegler, R.H. Findlay. 2015. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 75:225–237.

2015 Society for Freshwater Science conference logo.

Sharing Our Science: Summer 2015

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In May, Stroud Water Research Center scientists attended the weeklong annual meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Longitudinal shifts in dissolved organic matter chemogeography and chemodiversity within headwater streams: a river continuum reprise

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Mosher, J.J., L.A. Kaplan, D.C. Podgorski, A.M. McKenna, and A.G. Marshall. 2015. Biogeochemistry 124(1–3):371–385.