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A man walks through a Costa Rican landscape of grass and shrubs with a brilliant rainbow above.

Tropical Freshwater Research Unlocks One of Nature’s Secrets

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Scientist Lou Kaplan, Ph.D., describes how tropical research like his deepens our understanding of stream ecosystems both locally and abroad.

Three college students take a selfie in a Costa Rican stream.

College Students Travel to Costa Rica With Stroud Center Team

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Students majoring in teaching, STEM, and international studies joined the Stroud Center for one week in the Área de Conservación Guanacaste of Costa Rica.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Spatial scale impacts microbial community composition and distribution within and across stream ecosystems in North and Central America

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Bier, R.L., J.J. Mosher, L.A. Kaplan, and J. Kan. 2023. Environmental Microbiology 25(10): 1860–1874.

People stand next to a vehicle on a dirt road to admire a tropical sunset.

Costa Rica Close-Up

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Take a virtual trip to Maritza Biological Station, which houses one of the world’s longest continuously running data collections from tropical freshwater ecosystems.

David Arscott and Rafa Morales stand in a stream in Costa Rica.

Tropical Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality

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Stroud Center scientists continue to investigate how climate change influences tropical species and ecosystem dynamics.

Postcard from Costa Rica

Postcard from Costa Rica: A Caracolera Comes Calling

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Rafa Morales, station manager at Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica, shares photos and videos of interesting wildlife he encounters.

A purple martin with a large dragonfly in its beak.

Follow the Martin! Migration Sensor Network Tracks Bird From Our Backyard to Central America

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When wildlife-tracking telemetry towers were installed in Pennsylvania and Costa Rica, a purple martin reminded us of the connections between the temperate and tropical watersheds we study.

Stroud Center to Be Featured in PBS Series

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Visionaries, Inc., a non-profit documentary film production company, will feature Stroud Water Research Center in its 24th season on PBS.

An Introduction to Tropical Stream Research

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Stroud Center scientists introduced six board members to Maritza Biological Station and the importance of our water research in the tropics.

Photo of a rainbow near Maritza Biological Station, Costa Rica

Field Notes From Our Work in Costa Rica

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A team of five Stroud Center scientists worked under the rainbows of the Orosí Volcano in Costa Rica to survey a dozen streams.