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A female mayfly with a ball of eggs attached to the underside of her abdomen.

The Magic of Mayflies

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If you’ve ever hiked along a woodland stream on a warm spring day, you may have seen these tiny creatures swarming together, fluttering in a midair dance.

The Bug Whisperer: Dave Funk Decodes Mysteries of Mayflies and Other Clean-Water Lovers

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Funk’s insatiable curiousity has served him well during 45 years as a instrumental player on landmark freshwater studies at the Stroud Center.

Cloeon dipterum, female imago (adult).

Oxygen Not Behind Threat To Mayflies When Temps Rise

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When stream temperatures rise, often as a result of climate change or thermal pollution or a lack of tree shade, mayflies display poorer growth.

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Transcriptomic and life history responses of the mayfly Neocloeon triangulifer to chronic diel thermal challenge

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Hsuan C., D.D. Jima, D.H. Funk, J.K. Jackson, B.W. Sweeney, and D.B. Buchwalter. 2020. Nature Scientific Reports 10:19119.

Watch Mayfly Nymphs Hatch Instantly

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This video by Stroud Center Entomologist David Funk captured the moment an ovoviviparous mayfly laid a brood of eggs that hatched immediately into hundreds of nymphs.

Photo of the mayfly, Neocloeon triangulifer, by DH Funk

Modeling Mayflies to Understand the Challenges of a Warming Planet

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There are some questions too complicated for lab experiments to answer.

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Space colonization by branching trachea explains the morphospace of a simple respiratory organ

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Ruiz-Sobrino, A., C.A. Martín-Blanco, T. Navarro, I. Almudi, G. Masiero, M. Jimenez-Caballero, D.B. Buchwalter, D.H. Funk, J.L. Gattolliat, M.C. Lemos, F. Jiménez, and F. Casares. 2020. Developmental Biology 462(1): 50–59.

Video still from Episode 5 of the WHYY "Stories From the Streams" video series

Stories From the Streams: Salty Streams

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How salty is too salty? Road salt keeps travelers safe in winter but can pose a serious threat to nearby streams. Episode 5 in the “Stories from the Streams” series from WHYY TV12.