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Watch Mayfly Nymphs Hatch Instantly

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This video by Stroud Center Entomologist David Funk captured the moment an ovoviviparous mayfly laid a brood of eggs that hatched immediately into hundreds of nymphs.

Photo of the mayfly, Neocloeon triangulifer, by DH Funk

Modeling Mayflies to Understand the Challenges of a Warming Planet

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There are some questions too complicated for lab experiments to answer.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Space colonization by branching trachea explains the morphospace of a simple respiratory organ

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Ruiz-Sobrino, A., C.A. Martín-Blanco, T. Navarro, I. Almudi, G. Masiero, M. Jimenez-Caballero, D.B. Buchwalter, D.H. Funk, J.L. Gattolliat, M.C. Lemos, F. Jiménez, and F. Casares. 2020. Developmental Biology, early online access.

Video still from Episode 5 of the WHYY "Stories From the Streams" video series

Stories From the Streams: Salty Streams

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How salty is too salty? Road salt keeps travelers safe in winter but can pose a serious threat to nearby streams. Episode 5 in the “Stories from the Streams” series from WHYY TV12.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Why some mayfly adults are older and larger: photoperiodic induction of larval quiescence

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Funk, D.H., B.W. Sweeney, and J.K. Jackson. 2019. Freshwater Science, early online access.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

The good, the bad and the lethal: gene expression and metabolomics reveal physiological mechanisms underlying chronic thermal effects in mayfly larvae (Neocloeon triangulifer)

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Chou, H., W. Pathmasiri, J. Deese-Spruill, S.J. Sumner, D. Jima, D. Funk, J. Jackson, B. Sweeney, and D. Buchwalter. 2018. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6:27.

Stroud Science on NPR: Road Salt Boosts Safety But Threatens Fresh Water

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When StateImpact Pennsylvania wanted to understand how our addiction to road salt is impacting the environment, they came to Stroud Water Research Center.

Mayfly Eggs Hatching a Minute After Being Laid

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This ovoviviparous mayfly holds her eggs internally until embryonic development is complete after which she lays them in water and they hatch immediately.

Could Rising Temps Be Killing Mayflies, Threatening Streams? Scientists Investigate.

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When mayfly populations decline, it’s a warning that something has gone wrong. But what? Stroud Center scientists and their colleagues are investigating.

Join the Clean Water Paddle Push!

When: August 1–16
Where: A body of water near you!

Grab your paddleboard, canoe, kayak, or inner tube and hit a body of water near you during our two-week celebration of water, the earth’s most vital natural resource.

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