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Watershed Restoration

Illustration with a farm in the distance and healthy soil with organisms in the foreground

Your Land and Legacy: Resources for Agricultural Landowners

600 262 Stroud Water Research Center

This free, 1-hour webinar will provide information for non-operating agricultural landowners to enable better planning and coordination with their farm operators to enhance soil health, soil and water conservation, and improved crop productivity.

Brian and Lynette Saunder at the fence that keeps their cattle away from the newly planted buffer.

Lancaster Farm Buffers Its Effect on Chesapeake Bay

800 451 Stroud Water Research Center

“God blessed us with this land, and we want to do our little part in conserving it and just making it a better place for everyone,” Lynette Sauder said.

2021 Lancaster Water Week webinar video

The Food, Farming, and Water Connection

558 314 Stroud Water Research Center

Find out how you can make choices that support local organic and regenerative farmers who are dedicated to healthy food, healthy land, and clean water.

The Riparian Buffer Arboretum showcases woody species that are proven performers for floodplains.

Riparian Buffer Mini-Arboretum Tour

638 358 Stroud Water Research Center

In the interest of testing new plants that could further enhance riparian areas, we’ve planted a wide selection of lesser-known native trees and shrubs, provided by our friends at Octoraro Native Plant Nursery.

How Farming Practices Influence Water Quality and Soil Health

1024 636 Stroud Water Research Center

Scientists from the Stroud Center and Rodale Institute share what they’re learning from the Watershed Impact Trial on the MOSES Organic Farming Podcast.

Website Helps Landowners Lease Farms Wisely to Promote Soil Health, Water Quality

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center is a free resource helping landowners grow better relationships with tenant farmers that incentivize long-term investments on land that also address broader environmental impacts.

[Webinar] Research Update: Soil Health and Water Quality in the Watershed Impact Trial

1024 636 Stroud Water Research Center

Join Rodale Institute’s Kirsten Pearsons, Ph.D., for a mid-project update on what we have learned so far in the Watershed Impact Trial.

Lancaster Water Week

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center

Hike, bike, paddle, or tune in from home for over 20 events during Lancaster Water Week! Celebrate our waterways and take action to protect them for the future.

Targeted Agricultural Best Management Practices and Forested Buffers for Chester County Focus Areas

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

This project implements agricultural best management practices (BMPs) and forested buffers on farms, which includes stormwater-runoff controls for barnyards and mushroom compost processing areas, new and seasonally earlier cover crops,…

Targeted Agricultural Best Management Practices and Forested Buffers

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

In targeted portions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Lancaster and Chester counties, Pa., the project implements whole-farm systems of best management practices on about two dozen farms, restores about…