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Raised beds in a healthy soil home garden.

Step Up Your Gardening Game With Healthier Soils

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Enhance your soils and local water quality by bringing the principles of regenerative agriculture to your home garden.

Jamie Hicks with his family and his 2022 Chester County Farmer of the Year award.

Stroud Collaborator Jamie Hicks named Farmer of the Year in Chester County, PA

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Hicks welcomes the challenge of finding better and more efficient ways to produce food and fiber that are at once profitable and environmentally sustainable.

How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters

How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters

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Learn how to install nets to prevent cavity-nesting birds from being trapped while allowing the young tree to grow out of the shelter without being entangled.

Aerial image of reforestation efforts along the east branch of White Clay Creek from 1937 to 2015.

How Data Can Help Win the Fight Against Climate Change

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Stroud Center scientists are amassing long-term data on streams and rivers that will help build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Water professionals on the Christina Basin Task Force annual bus tour.

Sharing Our Knowledge of Watershed Restoration

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The Stroud Center partnered with volunteers for two tree plantings, spread the word about agroforestry, and helped water professionals learn about soil health and water quality.

The Power of Water at Longwood Gardens

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Join John Jackson, Ph.D., and Matthew Ehrhart for an eye-opening discussion on the importance of water in our landscapes, our regions, and beyond.

Still from a how to apply stone mulch video.

How to Apply Stone Mulch to Protect Sheltered Trees From Rodents

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Trials comparing the use of stone mulch versus herbicides for rodent control around young trees suggest that stone is a superior mulch material and that tree survival rates are comparable between the two methods.

Still from a how to plant a tree in a buffer video.

How to Plant a Small Containerized Seedling in a Riparian Forest Buffer

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Watch step-by-step instructions on how to plant a tree in a riparian forest buffer and protect it from deer, rodents, and flood damage to increase survivability.

Stone mulch at the base of a sheltered tree, protecting it from rodent damage.

Stone Rivals Herbicides as New Method to Protect Baby Trees From Rodents

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During the first five years of growth, young trees need to be protected from chewing — from deer above and rodents below.

Cover crop coach Steve Groff shows what is left of cotton underwear after being buried for 60 days.

Dirt Diaries: Soil Health Campaign Drives Underwear Digs Across Pennsylvania

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For the past two months, the soil life — worms, small insects, bacteria, fungi — has been chomping away at the 100% cotton underwear.