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A woman demonstrates how Monitor My Watershed displays real-time data.

Stroud Water Research Center Named Winner of 2021 Amazon Web Services Imagine Grant for Nonprofits

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The Stroud Center and partner LimnoTech, Inc. will work with Amazon’s cloud computing arm to develop a portal for sharing and visualizing environmental data.

Model My Watershed modeling results for Brandywine Creek.

Discover Free Middle School Watershed Education Lessons from the WATERS Curriculum

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From filling reusable water bottles to taking showers, students use water all the time. But do they know where their water comes from?

A modeling scenario forecasting Delaware River Basin stream health at the end of the 21st century.

Peering at the Future of Stream Water Quality Through a (Very Hazy) Crystal Ball

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The crystal ball we’re using is a web app that models how water, sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus move across and underneath the earth’s surface.

Leaf Pack Network Adds Hands-On Experience to Virtual Learning

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A Canadian university is making sure students get fieldwork experience despite the pandemic — by mailing them freshwater field kits to use at home.

Dip Your Toes in the Water with the Runoff Simulation

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The Runoff Simulation shows how land use and soil determine whether rainfall infiltrates the soil, runs off, or is evaporated and transpired by plants.

To Fish or Not to Fish: Using Real-Time Data to Protect Trout Populations

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Fishing guides in Michigan are using real-time data from an EnviroDIY monitoring station to remotely make appropriate decisions on where and when to fish.

Explore Your Backyard Watershed and Others Worldwide with the Leaf Pack Network!

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How can homemade leaf packs and an online data portal help you study creeping, crawling aquatic macroinvertebrates?

[WEBINAR] Model My Watershed for Beginner to Intermediate Users

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Model My Watershed lets users visualize geographic data describing watershed conditions and model water quality as they change land use and implement various stormwater best management practices.

Dive into a Virtual Resource for Teaching and Learning with Aquatic Macroinvertebrates!

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You can quite literally experience the creature comforts of staying at home with an innovative, web-based resource to support aquatic macroinvertebrate identification.

Water Quality App screenshots.

Free App Turns Creek Exploration Into Education

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The app allows educators, citizen scientists, and creek enthusiasts to learn about water quality and identify aquatic invertebrates with a user-friendly suite of tools.