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A group of students installs a tree shelter in the streamside buffer at their school.
Volunteer-Led Tree Planting Engages Students in Stewardship
UpStream 2024, Issue #3
How one community’s action project is teaching students about water, trees, and wildlife and how to care for them.
Eight watershed stewards stand behind a large pile of garbage they have removed from a stream.
Starting a Watershed Organization
UpStream 2024, Issue #3
Learn how the Little Lehigh Watershed Stewards started a watershed organization in their rapidly developing community and you can too.
Two women gear up for kayaking on a waterway in Dubai.
Lessons From the World Environmental Education Congress 2024
UpStream 2024, Issue #3
What Stroud Center educators learned and shared at an international gathering to address environmental and sustainable development.
The film festival audience seated for the show.
17 Years of Wild & Scenic Film Festival Raises $250K for Environmental Groups
UpStream 2024, Issue #3
Trail Creek Outfitters hosted its 17th Wild & Scenic Film Festival, this year supporting the Stroud Center and Brandywine Red Clay Alliance.
A man walks through a Costa Rican landscape of grass and shrubs with a brilliant rainbow above.
Tropical Freshwater Research Unlocks One of Nature’s Secrets
UpStream 2024, Issue #2
Scientist Lou Kaplan, Ph.D., describes how tropical research like his deepens our understanding of stream ecosystems both locally and abroad.
Stroud Center and Silk Grass Farms staff pose on a bridge over a stream in Belize.
Informing Sustainable Agriculture in Belize
UpStream 2024, Issue #2
With the Stroud Center's help, Silk Grass Farms is protecting water resources as they deploy new farming techniques to benefit local communities.
Three college students take a selfie in a Costa Rican stream.
College Students Travel to Costa Rica With Stroud Center Team
UpStream 2024, Issue #2
Students majoring in teaching, STEM, and international studies joined the Stroud Center for one week in the Área de Conservación Guanacaste of Costa Rica.
Road Salt in Streams
Road Salt in Streams
UpStream 2024, Issue #2
Senior Research Scientist John Jackson recently spoke with WHYY's Studio 2 hosts about how road salt is contaminating waterways.
A scientist records data about a stream in Belize.
New Year, New Look
UpStream 2024, Issue #1
As our scientists continue exploring in streams, fields, and forests, our communications team will try out new ways of sharing their work.
An endangered Atlantic sturgeon stranded on a beach.
Scientist Weighs in on New Federal Rule to Protect Delaware River’s Endangered Fish
UpStream 2023, Issue #12
Stroud Water Research Center’s John Jackson, Ph.D., offers insights into the Delaware River’s history and possibilities for the future.
Four members of the AGU Open Science Circle gathered at the annual meeting.
Stroud Center Presents New Research to World’s Largest Group of Earth and Space Scientists
Upstream 2023, Issue #12
We shared our work with the broader scientific community, were inspired by the work of others, and mentored the next generation of freshwater scientists.
Amanda Garzio-Adzick and Heather Titanich stand near a new riparian buffer.
Scaling Up Outreach for Cleaner, Healthier Waterways
UpStream 2023, Issue #12
New team members will help farmers and landowners adopt stream-friendly practices and access climate-smart incentives for reducing water pollution.