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A mural and whiteboards in an outdoor classroom.
West Chester East High School Adds New Outdoor Classroom
UpStream 2023, Issue #11
Anthony Prinzo shares how outdoor learning spaces help students learn about conservation, stewardship, and their role in preserving freshwater ecosystems.
Volunteers staking native trees in Overlook Park
Cultivating Stewardship of Our Shared Waters
UpStream 2023, Issue #11
Brian Preston shares how people in a popular local park are discovering how a streamside forest and pollinator garden can be beautiful and good for clean water.
An educator shows aquatic macroinvertebrates to a crowd at the touch tank.
New Traveling Touch Tanks Bring Stream Life to You!
UpStream 2023, Issue #10
Not everyone can access a stream to discover aquatic life, but now a macroinvertebrate touch tank can bring the stream to them.
A relic milldam on the Christina River in Delaware.
Will Removing Thousands of Old Milldams Across the Northeast Help or Hurt Streams?
UpStream 2023, Issue #10
Stroud Center scientists have been assessing how milldams affect the filtering capacity of streams and whether their removal affects water quality. 
Max Stoner and Don Ace in the community garden at their retirement community.
Learning Something New Never Gets Old
UpStream 2023, Issue #10
At ages 100 and 80, two retirees plant their first cover crop and build soil health in their retirement community garden.
Young riparian buffer in Franklin Township, Pa.
Matthew Ehrhart of the Stroud Center Testifies at Pa. House Committee Hearing on Streamside Forests Bill
UpStream 2023, Issue #10
Ehrhart’s testimony focused on what Stroud Center scientists have learned about the impact trees can have on water quality, wildlife habitat, and flood reduction.
Rocky Run meanders through a forest near Wilmington, Delaware.
To Reduce Flooding and Water Pollution, Add Green Space
UpStream 2023, Issue #10
Every park, every garden, every green space, no matter how small, gives rainwater the time and space to slow down and spread out.
Three children and a man collect stream insects at a Seneca Nation summer camp.
Nurturing the Good Mind
UpStream 2023, Issue #9
Connecting to water as a source of ancestral significance has strengthened a throughline of cultural continuity for the Seneca Nation and the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware.
How Much PFAS Is Too Much? PFAS Levels in Drinking Water
PFAS Explained
UpStream 2023, Issue #9
Forever chemicals threaten drinking water and human health. Learn how scientists are investigating PFAS contamination in farming.
Three children hold Hillendale Elementary School's 2023 Green Ribbon Schools flag.
Hillendale Elementary School Awarded Green Ribbon for Environmental Education and Sustainability
UpStream 2023, Issue #9
The award recognizes innovative efforts to reduce environmental impacts, promote better health, and ensure effective environmental education.
A drone spreading soybean seeds that will grow into a cover crop.
Farming With Drones?
UpStream 2023, Issue #9
Farmers joined us for a demonstration of a drone spreading soybean seeds for a cover crop that builds soil health and protects water quality.
Tom Best smiles as he stands in a young riparian buffer.
Caring for Trees
UpStream 2023, Issue #8
Tom Best doesn’t own the young streamside forest he maintains each day. It's an act of service motivated by a parental feeling toward the woods.