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Nature's Best Hope Science Seminar Featuring Doug Tallamy, Ph.D.
We Are Nature’s Best Hope: An Interview with Doug Tallamy
UpStream 2022, Issue #11
The scientist, author, and native plants advocate recently described how replacing lawn is necessary for supporting wildlife and food production.
Michael Mann receives 2022 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence from Executive Director David Arscott.
Stroud Water Research Center Honors Michael E. Mann, Ph.D., Leading Climate Scientist and Author
UpStream 2022, Issue #11
To share his knowledge and warn the public about climate change, Mann has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed and edited publications, numerous op-eds and commentaries, and five books.
Stream with autumn leaves
Plan Your Legacy
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
When you make an estate plan and include a gift to the Stroud Center, the ripple effect of your action will preserve fresh water for generations to come. 
Aerial image of reforestation efforts along the east branch of White Clay Creek from 1937 to 2015.
How Data Can Help Win the Fight Against Climate Change
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
Stroud Center scientists are amassing long-term data on streams and rivers that will help build resilience against the impacts of climate change.
Adventuring in the waterfalls of the highlands of Puerto Rico.
Around the World With Kathryn Metzker
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
As the Stroud Center’s new watershed education specialist, Kathryn Metzker has come full circle since she first visited White Clay Creek with her classmates when she was 12.
As the day turned to night, the sky turned beautiful shades of orange and purple.
A Wild & Scenic Night: The 15th Annual Film Festival
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
The outdoors is a great place for family fun, and Trail Creek’s 15th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival was no exception.
Water professionals on the Christina Basin Task Force annual bus tour.
Sharing Our Knowledge of Watershed Restoration
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
The Stroud Center partnered with volunteers for two tree plantings, spread the word about agroforestry, and helped water professionals learn about soil health and water quality.
Rachel Johnson and Dave Arscott at the Watershed Heroes event.
Stronger Together: A Nonprofit Partnership Raises Road Salt Awareness
UpStream 2022, Issue #10
Stroud Water Research Center is honored to have received the Watershed Heroes Nonprofit Steward award from Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership.
Ask a Scientist From Stroud Water Research Center
Ask a Scientist: Jinjun Kan
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
For our first installment of Ask a Scientist, we check in with Jinjun Kan, Ph.D., associate research scientist and principal investigator of the Microbiology Group at Stroud Water Research Center.
Rachel Johnson, Dan Myers, and David Bressler at the“Empowering the Next Generation of Women Closing the Gender Gap" event.
The Secret to Getting More Women and Girls in STEM? Stroud Center Sponsors Group at STEM Gender Gap Event
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
Women represent nearly half of the U.S. workforce but only 27% of STEM workers. The Stroud Center is aiming to change that in its area of influence: freshwater science.
Celebrity Chefs Wow Judges at Roaring Twenties Soirée for Rivers
Celebrity Chefs Wow Judges at Roaring Twenties Soirée for Rivers
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
Dishes featuring pawpaws, kombucha, and hemp hearts lent a Chopped-style flair to this 1920s-themed event in support of clean fresh water.
Photo of three kayakers on the Schuylkill River.
What’s the Ecological Status of the Schuylkill River?
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
Learn about a community science project that documented the river’s health through a volunteer survey and scientific water quality assessment.