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Two Harambee Institute students looking at aquatic macroinvertebrates they collected from a stream.
PA to Meet Rise of STEM Economy With New Education Standards Featuring Environmental Literacy
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
STEM professionals can help solve the world’s leading environmental challenges. Learn how Pennsylvania’s new science standards have been revised to prepare the next generation for such vital work.
The 2022 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence
The 2022 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
The 2022 award recipient is Michael E. Mann, Ph.D., a climate change author, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State, and director of the Earth System Science Center.
Daniel Myers and his dog get a closeup.
Adventures in Geographic Space: Postdoc Daniel Myers Recalls the Wild as He Solves Water Challenges
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
On a fateful backcountry internship some years ago, the Stroud Center’s new postdoc, Dan Myers, Ph.D., heard the call of the wild and something more: his life’s mission.
Stone mulch at the base of a sheltered tree, protecting it from rodent damage.
Stone Rivals Herbicides as New Method to Protect Baby Trees From Rodents
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
During the first five years of growth, young trees need to be protected from chewing — from deer above and rodents below.
Postcard from Costa Rica
Postcard from Costa Rica: A Caracolera Comes Calling
UpStream 2022, Issue #9
Rafa Morales, station manager at Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica, shares photos and videos of interesting wildlife he encounters.
An EnviroDIY monitoring station next to a USGS gaging station on White Clay Creek near Avondale.
The Best Environmental Sensor: Is EnviroDIY Water Quality Data as Good as USGS?
UpStream 2022, Issue #8
For National Water Quality Month and World Water Monitoring Day, we’re putting EnviroDIY to the test!
Two kids hold hands while walking in a creek.
Did You Know That August is Make-A-Will Month?
UpStream 2022, Issue #8
Whether you are 18 or 80, now is the time to plan your legacy! We invite you to join our Headwaters Society to ensure the future of clean fresh water.
Cover crop coach Steve Groff shows what is left of cotton underwear after being buried for 60 days.
Dirt Diaries: Soil Health Campaign Drives Underwear Digs Across Pennsylvania
UpStream 2022, Issue #8
For the past two months, the soil life — worms, small insects, bacteria, fungi — has been chomping away at the 100% cotton underwear.
Mandy Nix collecting macroinvertebrates in the east branch of White Clay Creek.
Congrats and Farewell, Mandy Nix
UpStream 2022, Issue #8
Stroud Water Research Center congratulates and says farewell to Mandy Nix, our all-star watershed education specialist, as she begins the next chapter of her career.
United States Supreme Court Building exterior
Supreme Court to Decide on Wetlands
UpStream 2022, Issue #7
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the stage is set for a landmark decision on its future.
Global water security map
Stroud Center Work Tied to New U.S. Foreign Policy on Water Security
UpStream 2022, Issue #7
The White House Action Plan on Global Water Security recognizes that without access to acceptable quality water, the risks to individuals, businesses, and nations are significant.
Entomologists collect freshwater insects for a project that examines the impact of streamside restoration on water quality.
Breaking the Fall
UpStream 2022, Issue #7
How the Clean Water Act changed the trajectory of America’s waterways and became a beacon for freshwater science.