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Spring growth of a ryegrass cover crop in a field, farmhouse and farm in the distance.
Expanding Watershed Restoration Beyond the Stream Corridor
UpStream 2021, Issue #1
Healthy streams need healthy watersheds. Improving soil health in farm fields can be a very cost-effective way to reach water-quality goals.
Diana Oviedo-Vargas downloading data from a sensor located in White Clay Creek to a field laptop.
Oviedo-Vargas Shares Her STEM Career Journey
UpStream 2021, Issue #1
The Stroud Center biogeochemist was featured in a women-in-STEM webinar series hosted by EarthEcho International.
David Wise standing in front of a shrub border.
David Wise Recognized as a Good Natured Pennsylvanian
UpStream 2021, Issue #1
Growing up in Lancaster County and playing in its creeks, Wise had an up-close view of some of the water-quality issues he is now working to correct.
David Bressler providing C-SAW technical assistance to volunteers of the Silver Lake Nature Center.
Helping Watershed Groups Through Education and Mentorship
UpStream 2021, Issue #1
The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds has helped over 42,000 Pennsylvanians pursue watershed monitoring, protection, and restoration.
A modeling scenario forecasting Delaware River Basin stream health at the end of the 21st century.
Peering at the Future of Stream Water Quality Through a (Very Hazy) Crystal Ball
UpStream 2020, Issue #11
The crystal ball we're using is a web app that models how water, sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus move across and underneath the earth’s surface.
Bud Miller with his young riparian buffer, showing abundant growth of trees and wildflowers.
A Family’s Restoration Adventure, Four Years In
UpStream 2020, Issue #11
In 2017, Bud and Marilyn Miller were the proud overseers of a new riparian buffer. Since then, a beautiful transformation has unfolded on their property.
Photo of Chief Quiet Thunder outdoors with a display of Lenni Lenape items.
A Living Legacy: Stroud Water Research Center Celebrates the Life of Chief Quiet Thunder
UpStream 2020, Issue #11
His boundless legacy and life’s work honoring indigenous peoples, humanity, and the earth will inspire us all for generations to come.
View of Creek Critter book pages with award finalist logo.
Creek Critters a Finalist for Excellence in Hands-On Science Book Award
UpStream 2020, Issue #11
The AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books celebrates outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults.
Photo of an American eel being weighed as part of a scientific study.
White Clay Creek: A Pennsylvania Stream Responds to Reforestation
UpStream 2020, Issue #10
The East Branch of White Clay Creek is the subject of a restoration study on a time scale rarely applied to streams or rivers anywhere in the world.
Photo of a farm with a large muddy area with cattle.
A Small Farm Offers Big Opportunities for Measuring Watershed Restoration Success
UpStream 2020, Issue #10
Stream restorations rarely get monitored rigorously enough to determine if the “patient” has fully recovered.
Photo of two young students wearing face masks while performing a water chemistry test.
Student Voices Return to Stroud Water Research Center During COVID-19 Education Programming
UpStream 2020, Issue #10
Our educators have returned to something they do very well: delivering high-quality outdoor education programming that is both safe and meaningful for participants.
Video still showing a backyard vegetable garden.
Better Gardens, Better Soils: Improve Water Quality and Soil Health in Your Backyard
UpStream 2020, Issue #10
With a little bit of knowledge and prep work in the off season, you can just plant and harvest. Wouldn’t that be nice?