How Do Trout Grow on Trees?

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Photo of trout fingerlings in a tank.

While they more literally grow from eggs into alevins, fingerlings, and adults, trout “grow” on trees because their health and survival depend on streamside forests.

Trees growing along stream banks help filter pollutants, prevent bank erosion, keep stream channels wide, normalize temperatures, and enrich aquatic habitat through fallen leaves and branches. They also provide a variety of food to aquatic life through fallen leaves, shade-loving algae, and dissolved substances like nutrients and minerals. Yum! This tree-rific source of food and habitat is as important to macroinvertebrates like mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies as it is to coldwater fish like brook trout.

This means that in freshwater food webs…
TROUT eat the INSECTS on the LEAVES that come from TREES!

Illustration representing a freshwater food web where trout eat insects on leaves that come from trees.

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