Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report showing paddleboarders on Barton Creek in Austin, Texas.

Read in-depth stories about Stroud Water Research Center’s work in our year-in-review publications. In addition to the cover stories, all annual reports also contain the following features: a message from the director; project descriptions; list of publications; gift, contribution, and sponsorship listings; financial information; and lists of staff, interns, and volunteers.

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A teacher leads a group of small children along a woodland trail.
2023 Annual Report

Reimagining Classrooms

Whether you call them outdoor classrooms, living schoolyards, or ecological schoolyards — we’ve got ideas for how to make the outdoors a place of discovery.
Three children and a man collect stream insects at a Seneca Nation summer camp.
2022 Annual Report

Nurturing the Good Mind

Connecting to water as a source of ancestral significance has strengthened a throughline of cultural continuity for the Seneca Nation and the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware.
Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.
2022 Annual Report

We, the Community Scientists

People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.
Three brook trout in a stream.
2022 Annual Report

Bringing Eastern Brook Trout Back to Red Clay Creek

In Pennsylvania, property owners and farmers are transforming their lands to restore a stream’s health and its native fish.
Entomologists collect freshwater insects for a project that examines the impact of streamside restoration on water quality.
2021 Annual Report

Breaking the Fall

How the Clean Water Act changed the trajectory of America’s waterways and became a beacon for freshwater science.
Students study fish temporarily removed from a nearby stream.
2021 Annual Report

Rooted in Science

30 years and counting, Stroud Water Research Center’s Education Department makes cutting-edge freshwater science fun.

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