Stroud Water Research Center Annual Reports

Read in-depth stories about Stroud Water Research Center’s work in our “year-in-review” publications. In addition to the cover stories, all annual reports also contain the following features: a message from the director; project descriptions; list of publications; gift, contribution, and sponsorship listings; financial information; and lists of staff, interns, and volunteers. Friends of the Stroud Center receive a print copy of the annual report each year.

Featured Articles

Graphic showing what percentage of nitrogen, sediments, and pesticides are kept out of a stream by a 100-foot tree buffer
2017 Annual Report

The Restored Watershed: 50 Years of Solutions for Clean Fresh Water

For the last 50 years scientists at Stroud Water Research Center have demonstrated the connection between good land-use practices and clean fresh water, between healthy soil and healthy water. Read More
Fourth graders taking tree measurements
2017 Annual Report

Learning Leading to Action: Young Heroes Protecting Our Waterways

Students are not only learning how to protect our waterways; they are also conducting their own scientific research or restoring healthy streams — or sometimes both. Read More
Through a Scientist's Lens: Training Citizens in Freshwater Stewardship
2016 Annual Report

Through a Scientist’s Lens: Training Citizens in Freshwater Stewardship

Stroud Water Research Center is working with Delaware River Watershed Initiative partner organizations to grow their network of volunteers and enhance the quality and quantity of the data they collect. Read More

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