School and Youth Programs


Visits to Stroud Water Research Center

A teacher and three students scraping rocks in a stream to collect macroinvertebrates.
“What was covered will reinforce what we do in the lab and classroom.” — Teacher, Haddonfield High School, New Jersey

A Boots-in-the-Water Experience for Your Students
Far from the classroom, students will explore White Clay Creek and the surrounding watershed. They’ll collect aquatic bugs, use a dichotomous key, and perform water chemistry tests while learning how scientists determine the health of streams and rivers. Stroud™ Water Research Center is a working laboratory, so education programs are developed from our scientists’ research. The Moorhead Environmental Complex is the home of the Stroud Center’s student laboratories and serves as an example of freshwater stewardship put into action. Our outdoor classroom is located just a short walk upstream, enhancing the field-based learning experience.

  • Stream School: Using the Stroud Center’s 1,800-acre experimental watershed as a living laboratory, students explore the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of streams. Specific activities include a macroinvertebrate survey, habitat assessment, and chemical analysis of a stream system. Four-hour program for up to 24 students. Maximum of two classes per day.

Programs at Your School or Field Site

Can’t come to us? No problem — we’ll come to you! Our outreach programs to schools can provide classroom and schoolyard activities and events serving the entire school population. Programs can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Stream Critters Go To School: What lives in local streams? How do these animals eat and breathe? Students in grades 4 – 7 have fun investigating a real stream sample to learn about aquatic insects and stream health. One-hour program.

Program Scholarships Are Available!

Several funding sources allow the Stroud Center to offer programs at no or reduced cost for your school or youth group. Our funding from the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program and other grants to subsidize education programs varies each year. Schedule a program for your class today!