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Brandywine Trek students at orientation.
Brandywine Trek Helps Students Spur Freshwater Stewardship
The trek educates students about the importance of the Brandywine River and fosters understanding of the need to implement good stewardship practices.
Brandywine Trek students carrying a canoe.
Coatesville Students Prepare for Brandywine Trek
Students will learn skills they will need this summer when they will embark on a weeklong journey, by foot and canoe, down the Brandywine River.
Fly River in Papua New Guinea.
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2011
Two weeks into their work in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Anthony Aufdenkampe and his colleagues had already surveyed more than 600 miles of remote jungle rivers.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
No teacher left inside: preparing a new generation of teachers
Marcum-Dietrich, N., L. Marquez, S.E. Gill, and C. Medved. 2011. Journal of Geoscience Education 59(1):1–4.
UpStream Newsletter, Winter 2011
UpStream Newsletter, Winter 2011
Stroud Center scientists think Papua New Guinea might be more important in terms of carbon and sediment discharge than the entire Amazon River.
Macroinvertebrate identification workshop in Peru.
Expanding the Leaf Pack Network® to South and Central America
The goal is to create a conservation ethic that integrates ordinary people into the decision-making process by putting simple assessment tools into their hands.