How Collaboration Ensures Adequate Drinking-Water Supply Across the Delaware River Basin

800 449 Stroud Water Research Center

David Arscott, Ph.D., president and executive of Stroud Water Research Center, facilitated a panel discussion on the evolution of policies that regulate water allocation and use from the Delaware River. Leaders from the water management, municipal supply, recreational use, and non-profit sectors discussed how policies and innovation have led to sustainable water use today and what the challenges and solutions are for the future. Panelists included:

  • Gary Belan of American Rivers (senior director, Clean Water Supply) will represent the non-profit sector.
  • Steve Tambini, executive director of the Delaware River Basin Commission, will represent the regulatory and management process that led to the flexible flow management program and water allocation policy.
  • Jeff Skelding, executive director of Friends of the Upper Delaware, will represent the recreational water use perspective, tourism, and community-river nexus impacts.
  • Andy Kricun, managing director of Moonshot Missions, will represent the water industry and municipal water suppliers.

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This is part three of a four-part series celebrating American Rivers designation of the Delaware as the nation’s River of the Year. Recordings of all episodes will be archived on the press release page announcing the series.