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A kayaker on a river with trees on both banks.

Otter Creek Chemical Spill: Stroud Center Statement

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In times of crisis, we are reminded of what’s most important. The chemical spill into Otter Creek reminds us of our dependence on rivers and streams.

Dam, Dam Go Away: A Wild and Scenic Vision for America’s Rivers

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Learn about the policy and science of dam removal, federal protections for the free-flowing Delaware River, and the story of the Wild and Scenic Musconetcong River.

Video screenshot showing a female scientist working in a lab.

How Collaboration Ensures Adequate Drinking-Water Supply Across the Delaware River Basin

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Watch a panel discussion on the evolution of policies that regulate water allocation and use from the Delaware River.

A modeling scenario forecasting Delaware River Basin stream health at the end of the 21st century.

Peering at the Future of Stream Water Quality Through a (Very Hazy) Crystal Ball

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The crystal ball we’re using is a web app that models how water, sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus move across and underneath the earth’s surface.

Focusing on Farms to Safeguard the Delaware River

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An article in Edible Philly dives into the effort to protect and restore clean water in the Delaware River watershed by working with farmers.

Delaware River Webinar Series Announced

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The Delaware River was named 2020 River of the Year by American Rivers for its progress in improving water quality, river restoration, and community revitalization.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Scientific Support, and Capacity Building for Watershed Protection and Restoration Projects: Entomological Collections

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The goal of this project is to collect and interpret entomological data from 35 stream sites. These sites represent an initial baseline as part of ANSDU’s comprehensive monitoring and technical…