Logical Living Donates in Support of Freshwater Stewardship

717 403 Stroud Water Research Center

By Johanna Stubenhofer, Development Intern

Logical Living Fresh Express is proud to announce they will make a $750 donation to support Stroud™ Water Research Center’s watershed restoration efforts that have a positive impact on improving the quality of freshwater resources.

Logical Living Fresh Express is a delivery service that provides customers throughout southern Chester County, Pennsylvania and northern Delaware with a variety of fresh produce items directly from local farms. You may know them as the local milkman. Each week, customers can select a variety of farm-fresh options to be delivered directly to their door.

As the service grew in popularity in 2020, Kevin and Tobi Quinlan, owners of Logical Living, added a donation button for their customers to help them give back. Since its inception, they have donated meals and funds to the Kennett Area Food Cupboard, and after hearing about the Stroud Center’s watershed restoration efforts from one of their farmers, Axel Linde of Lindenhof Farms, they have chosen to support that work with their next donation.  

Logical Living takes pride in its efforts to achieve a greater sense of sustainability within the environment we live in. By supporting local farms we help cut down on the enormous amount of resources that are used to ship produce around the world and in doing so help our farms such as Lindenhof Farm to thrive and provide, healthy foods as well as employment in our own community.

Husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Tobi Quinlan say their donation will directly support the Stroud Center’s watershed restoration efforts in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.

The Stroud Center’s Robin L. Vannote Watershed Restoration Program works hand-in-hand with landowners and farmers by helping them to use their land more effectively through whole-farm planning and watershed stewardship. The Stroud Center’s research has shown that implementation of best management practices on surrounding farmlands helps restore and protect precious water resources, provides a healthier environment for humans, livestock, and other fish and wildlife; and economically benefits farms and surrounding communities. 

Interested in farm-fresh goods delivered directly to your door? Visit Logical Living Fresh Express to see if they deliver to your area.