Long-Term Research Shows Improvement in Susquehanna River

300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

You’ve probably heard the stereotype of the big company that pollutes the local environment in its endless quest for more profits. Fortunately for Wyoming County, Procter & Gamble has spent the past half century taking an active role in ensuring that this does not happen at its Mehoopany plant.

Last week a team of biologists from Stroud Water Research Center waded into the Susquehanna River looking for macroinvertebrates. Stroud was contracted by Procter & Gamble to test the water around its Mehoopany plant.

Stroud Center entomologists have been sampling macroinvertebrates in the Susquehanna River near Procter & Gamble’s Mehoopany plant since 1974. The number of insect species collected has doubled over that time period.

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