Meet Lauren Ryley, Administrative Assistant

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Headshot photo of Lauren Ryley against a city background.

Starting a new job always comes with challenges, but doing so during the “summer of quarantine” creates a whole new set of hurdles. When Stroud Water Research Center’s doors reopen to the public, Lauren Ryley‘s will be the first face you see when entering the Moorhead Environmental Complex, so we want to take a moment to introduce her.

Ryley joined us as our new administrative assistant in June and has been one of the few employees on campus on a daily basis since then. Growing up a little closer to the Philadelphia area, she attended Wesleyan University for her undergraduate degree, and then went on to gain a master’s degree from Temple University.

She had this to say about her experience starting at the Stroud Center this summer: “Everyone has been so nice and welcoming which is a tremendous feat when you’re wearing a mask. After a few months, I’m finally starting to recognize even the folks who don’t come in on a regular basis. It’s been a bit of a luxury to start in my position at a time when the Stroud Center has been so quiet, which I hope won’t have to be the case for much longer.” 

“I’m very excited to be here for many reasons — the Stroud Center’s mission and reputation, the friendly coworkers, and the proximity to my home. I realize just how lucky I am to have been able to secure a full-time position at this point in time.”

Ryley lives with her husband, two daughters, and two cats outside of West Chester, Pennsylvania. This summer looked a little different for all of us and the Ryley family is no exception. They have not visited the beach as they usually do, and as avid concertgoers, Ryley and her husband anxiously await news of rescheduled concert events. Instead, she has spent the summer enjoying the neighborhood pool and making frequent trips to the local dairy farm to check on the animals and their babies with her family. 

We are thrilled to have her cheerful smile and support to help us carry out our mission of clean fresh water for all!