New Year, New Look

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A scientist records data about a stream in Belize.

Welcome 2024!

This year, Stroud Water Research Center will be experimenting in a whole new way! As our scientists continue exploring in streams, fields, forests, and laboratories, our communications team will try out new ways of sharing the Stroud Center’s work.

With support from a generous donor, we began a comprehensive brand identity and communications review last fall. This year, we’ll share a new look, new materials, and an updated website.

Our first change is to move the delivery time of our monthly newsletter to the first week of every month. Stay tuned for February’s UpStream Newsletter, which will focus on our science in warm, tropical places like Costa Rica and Panama.

Sunset over palm trees in Belize.

As we craft new products to convey our research, education, and watershed restoration projects, you may see new things you like or don’t like. Please let us know! Connect with us on social media and join the conversation. Or simply reply to any of our emails to let us know your thoughts.

We’re excited to explore and refine our communications to reflect our passion — and yours — for fresh water. As always, we are grateful for your support.