Stories From the Clean Water Paddle Push

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Jessica Provinski

By Jessica Provinski

Hoʻokahi ka ʻilau like ʻana. (Wield the paddles together for the good of all.) — Mary Kawena Pukui

We may not have had participants from every state, but we did have participation in Alaska and Hawaii (as well as many states in between) during Stroud Water Research Center’s Clean Water Paddle Push throughout the month of August.

Participants logged 149 hours on the water and raised more than $3,000 to support clean fresh water while enjoying their favorite body of water.

Enjoy some of the words and photos from the 2021 participants, and visit our events page to learn how you can participate in Stroud Center events no matter where you live. Thank you to our 2021 Paddle Push supporters: AquaPhoenix Scientific, Rheos Nautical Eyewear, and Wear For Good

“We boated around Star Lake and checked out some macroinvertebrates in the water. There were many small scuds, a few mayfly nymphs, and one leech. To my cousin’s dismay I put the leech back in the water instead of throwing it on land to die.”

“Alaska! What more can I say? Denali National Park is so pristine and well cared for that I didn’t see any garbage at all. Pure bliss :)”

“Nāwaimaka Valley. Nature is calling. Answering the call.”

“Spent Sunday paddling in the Delaware Water Gap! I think it was the clearest water I’ve ever been in.”

“Spent a few hours on Chambers Lake, one of our favorite spots for birds. Beautiful day, with only a few sightings (great blue heron, belted kingfisher, northern cardinal, and a few turkey vultures). Right as we were leaving a bald eagle took flight from the nearby woods — so cool!!”