Design of an online global learning community: international collaboration of grades 7-9 science students

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Kerlin, S., E. Goehring, W. Carlsen, J. Larsen, and C. Fisher. 2009. Pages 94–96 in A. Dimitracopoulou, C. O’Malley, D. Suthers, and P. Reimann (editors). CSCL 2009 Proceedings of the 9th international conference on computer supported collaborative learning, volume 2. International Society of the Learning Sciences, Rhodes, Greece.

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This paper describes the design decisions made in the construction of an online global learning community for grades 7–9 science students. The collaborative learning tools of class profiles, student-scientist forums, and peer review featured in the From Local to Extreme Environments curriculum are discussed in detail. Initial evaluation of these tools and student reactions to global collaborations in this ongoing study will be accomplished through feedback during the unit and embedded surveys.