Status and needs of environmental education related organizations in Wisconsin: results of the 2014 state-wide survey

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Kerlin, S., J. Kacoroski, and K. Liddicoat. 2015. Technical report from University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education and the Wisconsin Environmental Education Consortium.

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160 Wisconsin environmental education (EE) related organizations responded to the 2014 status and needs online survey. The survey and report of findings includes general information about the organizations, trends in participation, land management, use of technology, program evaluation, and professional development needs and offerings. EE related organizations in Wisconsin serve an average number of 10,251 program participants. These organizations have extensive reach and impact across the state. Findings illustrate how and why some organizations have been more successful than others. EE related organizations have identified needs in the areas of technical and on-the-ground assistance with land management, use of technology to enhance environmental and outdoor education, and professional development in many organizational management skills and EE subject areas. Assistance is also needed in program evaluation along with coordination or use of standardized evaluation methods across organizations. Findings and recommendations included in this report can be used to increase the operational capacities and impact of EE related organizations in Wisconsin.