Ag BMP Planning and Implementation for Berks County (DEP); Leveraging Ag BMPs and Forested Buffers for Middle Schuylkill Cluster (NFWF); Delivering the Berks-Chester RCPP (DEP)

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This project operates the Farm Stewardship Program in Berks County, assisting farmers to implement whole-farm conservation while leveraging U.S. Department of Agriculture funding for work including forested buffers. Work on roughly 20 farms will leverage nearly $1 million in funds. Incentives to install forested buffers are working well, with buffers averaging roughly 80 feet per side.

Funded by: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Project Lead: Matthew J. Ehrhart

Collaborators: Red Barn Consulting, Inc.; TeamAg, Inc.; Berks County Conservation District; Berks Nature; Partnership for the Delaware Estuary; USDA; others

Project Years: 2017, 2018, 2019