Collaborative Research: Sediment Stabilization by Animals in Stream Ecosystems: Consequences for Erosion, Ecosystem Processes, and Biodiversity

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Caddisflies and other net-spinning macroinvertebrates attach gravels to one another within the streambed. These attachments result in more force required for flowing water to move the gravels, limiting erosion and creating a more stable habitat for biofilm and other macroinvertebrates. Researchers are running laboratory experiments in experimental streams, conducting field experiments and surveys, and modeling the landscape-scale effects of these tiny ecosystem engineers on stream-ecosystem processes.

Funded by: National Science Foundation

Principal Investigator: Melinda Daniels

Collaborators: Lindsey Albertson and Wyatt Cross (Montana State University); Leonard Sklar (San Francisco State University)

Project Years: 2016, 2017, 2018

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