Atlantic Coast rivers of the northeastern United States

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Jackson, J.K., S.A. Entrekin, H.S. Greig, A.H. Roy. 2023. Pages 21–67 in M. Delong, T. Jardine, A. Benke, C. Cushing (editors), Rivers of North America. 2nd Ed. Elsevier, New York.

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There are six large river basins (>20,000 km2) in the Atlantic United States (U.S.)-Northeast region: Penobscot, Connecticut, Hudson, Delaware, Susquehanna, and Potomac rivers. Several smaller river basins (7000–15,000 km2) also occur (e.g., Kennebec, Merrimack, Androscoggin, and Rappahannock rivers) as well as numerous coastal and bay streams and rivers (<5000 km2) (e.g., Saco, Saint Croix, Housatonic, Raritan, Mullica, Choptank, and Patuxent rivers). Of these, the Penobscot, Connecticut, Hudson, Delaware, and Susquehanna rivers were addressed in detail by Jackson et al. (2005). In this chapter, we provide details for the Kennebec, Merrimack,
Housatonic, Raritan, Mullica, Patuxent, and Potomac rivers.