Response of benthic macroinvertebrates to gradients in hydrological connectivity: a comparison of temperate, subtropical, Mediterranean and semiarid river floodplains

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Gallardo, B., S. Dolédec, A. Paillex, D.B. Arscott, F. Sheldon, F. Zilli, S. Mérigoux, E. Castella, and F.A. Comín. 2014. Freshwater Biology 59:630–648.



Despite a general recognition that benthic macroinvertebrates respond to changes in hydrological connectivity within floodplain ecosystems, no consensus about patterns in community structure and ecosystem processes across large scales and different climates has yet been established. Such knowledge is necessary since anthropogenic activities continue to alter the natural hydrogeomorphology of large floodplains, with most consequences for aquatic communities remaining unknown.

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