Stroud Water Research Center: A Portrait, 1967-2000

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Cover of the 1967-2000 Stroud Water Research Center history booklet.

Published in January 2000, this history booklet was dedicated to the Stroud family:

While many people have played important parts in making the Stroud Center what it is today, it was your vision for what the Center could become and your unwavering support throughout the journey that encouraged our efforts to create a unique and vibrant institution and continues to inspire our pursuit of excellence.

The Staff at the Stroud Center

Table of Contents

  • Looking Back
  • The Beginning
  • The Watershed
  • The Facility
  • Rockefeller Grant
  • The River Continuum
  • Microbes and Molecules
  • Thermal Equilibrium
  • Applied Research
  • Education
  • Stroud Preserve
  • Riparian Buffers
  • Costa Rica
  • Art and Science
  • The Road to Independence
  • Voices
  • Building Blocks
  • Looking Forward
  • Credits